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My name is Danielle Woodworth and I am a self-taught, freelance makeup artist.  I specialize in brides and bridal parties, using only the highest quality, professional grade cosmetics all while providing you with reliable, on location, makeup application.

Though I’m self taught, I have had the opportunity to attend several invaluable workshops from the likes of these celebrity makeups artists:

My interest in makeup started in high school when I was known by one particular classmate as “the eyeliner and mascara girl.”  In hind site and given the former unfamiliarity with the phrase “tarantula eyes,” she may have been on to something. I like to think I’ve come a long way since then.

My official makeup artist career began when a friend of mine told me that she had a friend of hers getting married and asked if I knew anyone who could do her friends makeup for her wedding.  The little voice in side my head that has always known my passion for makeup was screaming “DO IT, DO IT.” The big voice in my head that has always made me doubt myself said aloud, “Tell her that if she’s comfortable with knowing I have no professional experience at this, I’ll gladly do it for her.”  That was close to 5 years ago now.